June 17, 2021 3 min read

Whether you are an avid collector or just getting into reel to reel, it can be challenging to figure out where to buy quality pre-recorded music on reel to reel tape. 

Here is a list to help out. 


Wether you are looking for just a single artist or an audiophile analog collection, they are ready for you. The company is based in Canada and 2xHD has developed “a remastering system that combines the best of vintage analog quality with state-of-the-art technology” thanks to their producer/studio owner and audiophile sound engineer.


This online retailer is based in the United States and offers everything from SACD to Vinyl. They also have a lot of music accessories and merchandise. They have reel tapes and even some MARA's. 


This Italian company is owned and run by musician/producer/sound engineer Roberto Vigo. Analogy Records produces contemporary artists in its onsite recording studio and distributes original master tapes rather than copies. With this site, your master tape will be made to order. Due to this, a range of tape formats, speeds, and EQ options are available.


This UK-based audiophile analogue recordings store caters to those with a finer ear. They have Master Tapes, LP’s, CDs and even binaries.


This small Italian company dedicates it's collection to music on master tape. They have live concert and recorded reels available.


The Master Tape Sound Lab has an impressive collection of Master Tapes. The owner of the company is an analogue recording engineer, so he only lets the best come through.


Open Reel Records has a larger collection. The company is based in Italy and owned by a musician and sound engineer. They have both vintage options and original contemporaries, as well as the ever-loved live classical performances.


This Australian company founded in 2001 has a large collection of world music, tango, jazz of all types, spoken word, orchestra, opera, big band and classical. They also have vinyl available.


The Tape Project is a company based out of the United States. The titles they offer are limited editions. You need to be quick with this site as inventory is constantly changing and sells out quick. They offer titles in the categories of classical, jazz, roots and the newly offered digital direct.


This Canadian company is a great way to collect the classics. Although, if Bach and Wagner are not your thing, they have more modern options available too. The company tries to reproduce the sound of chamber music by using valve/tube electronics.


This is a Grammy Awarded record site and is based out of the United States. They offer CDs, Vinyl, Tape, DSD, and HD options. They have a decent selection and more than fair pricing.

Used Recordings: 

Of course, there are other ways to buy pre-recorded tape. You can always check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even eBay. Listings are everywhere but be very careful as many are noncommercial recordings and quality can vary greatly. Used commercial tape recordings, especially older vintage recordings can also have issues especially sticky-shed syndrome or SSS. 

Sticky-shed syndrome is created when the magnetic tape binders start breaking down and causing sluggish tape behavior that cause huge issues with decks. We generally avoid buying used tape. 

New Tape

Rather than risk your freshly refurbished deck to SSS risk, buy some high quality new tape and record your own favorite music. The leading sources for new tape are: 


ATR has a lot of options for both tape and reel to reel tape supplies. This is our go-to source. You can get Master Tape format or longer play MDS-36 format, even cassette tape is available. They have reasonable prices and the occasional sale. 



Like ATR, this site sells a lot of different types of cassettes and reel to reel audio tapes in master and long play format. 

Kevin Root
Kevin Root

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