Sonorus Holographic Imaging Tapes

Since the Sonorus Holographic Imaging process is a fully analog process even if the source is often digital, the best way to capture the result is recording it on analog tape.

Most existing albums can be remastered using SHI if a multi channel master is available or SSR if the master is in stereo.  Audio professionals and audiophiles alike have received the dynamics, soundstage and musicality of these SHI tapes with great enthusiasm.

You can read more about this process in our blog post: Reimagining Reel to Reel Remastering here

As a service to its customers, Sonorus can record a Holographic Imaging tape of most existing albums provided that the customer purchases the blank tape from Sonorus and the customer can provide proof of ownership of a legal copy of the original album.

Sonorus 3846 - $325 with standard reel / $535 with Carbon Fiber Studio Reel

High performance 1/4" studio master tape with a 1 mil thickness on a metal reel. Total length 3600 ft for approx. 45 minutes of recording time.

Sonorus 3831 - $275 with standard reel / $485 with Carbon Fiber Studio Reel 

High performance 1/4" studio master tape with a 1.5 mil thickness on a metal reel for reduced print through. Total length 2500 ft for approx. 32 minutes of recording time.

Carbon Fiber Studio Tape Upgrade

Sonorus Holographic Imaging Tapes can be delivered with an upgraded carbon fiber Studio Reel from RX Reels. These reels are made to exacting specifications. Carbon fiber is stiffer than aluminum, resists warping and bending to eliminate tape scrape to extend the life of valuable tapes. 

They are dynamically balanced so that when you are winding them (most tapes are stored tails-out), they don't wear out bearings unnecessarily by vibrating like an out-of-balance wheel on your car. Additionally, dynamically balanced reels also contribute to a more constant tape tension, extending servo life.


About Sonorus

Sonorus Holographic Imaging (SHI) is a new recording technology that when played back on a conventional stereo sound system allows the listener to be enveloped in a three dimensional sound field. Sonorus Stereo Revelation (SSR) is an application of SHI that reveals the three dimensional sound field captured inside an existing conventional stereo recording at its full potential. SSR makes it possible to remaster existing stereo albums to a whole new level of realism and emotional engagement.


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