Get A Free Carbon Fiber RX Reel with Purchase of a Deck at Reel-to-Reel Haven

Pioneer Reel to Reel Players

Get A Carbon Fiber RX Reel with a Reel-to-Reel Haven Deck - Free!

RX Reels and Reel-to-Reel Haven have an affiliate relationship and that is a benefit to you!

We believe to get the best performance from your refurbished deck, you should have the best reels on it and we're going to help make that happen at no cost to you.

When you purchase a refurbished deck from Reel-to-Reel Haven, simply ask for the "R2RH - RX Bundle" at the time of purchase and we will include a new carbon fiber "Studio" model reel from RX Reels at no charge!

About Pioneer Reel to Reel Players

Pioneer produced reel-to-reel tape players from 1971 to 1984, manufactured in Japan. These tape recorders targeted the consumer and semi-pro markets. 

Pioneer tape recorders used solid state electronics. The company produced both 2 and 4 track machines.

Pioneer is a Japanese company that has a long history of producing high-quality audio equipment, including reel-to-reel tape players. Some of the most popular models of Pioneer reel-to-reel players included the RT-707, RT-2044 and the Pioneer 909.

Overall, Pioneer was known for producing high-quality audio equipment, and its reel-to-reel players were no exception. Whether you were a professional recording engineer or an audiophile looking for the best sound quality, Pioneer had a reel-to-reel player that would meet your needs.

Popular Models of Pioneer Reel to Reel Players:

  • Pioneer RT 707
  • Pioneer RT-2044
  • Pioneer 909

Where To Buy Pioneer Reel to Reel Players:

RX Reels has an affiliate relationship with Reel to Reel Haven, a professional tape deck repair and restoration company, which sell like new condition refurbished Pioneer reel to reel players.

Reel to Reel Haven does quality restoration work, stand behind their product and ship them to customers the right way.All reel to reel players available for purchase are professionally restored.

How Much Are Refurbished Pioneer Reel to Reel Players?

Prices for typical refurbished decks range from $3,800 - $5,000The company also provides repair services on all professional or pro-sumer grade decks.

Where To Refurbish Pioneer Reel to Reel Players

Reel to Reel Haven is an established company and has successfully restored thousands of decks for customers ranging from universities to government agencies, studios and high net worth individuals in all 50 states. 

Every refurbished deck is completely disassembled and each individual component is checked. Every electronic component is completely cleaned by hand, and where applicable, micro vibration cleaning chamber, all caps, relays, diodes, etc. are tested, heads are tested and relapped when needed. Intense relapping jobs are sent to JRF Magnetics. Boards are reconditioned whenever needed as well as buttons, switches or other parts. Restoration can range from full mechanical components as well as include full cosmetic restorations depending on customers preference and budget. 

Warranty & Support 

Reel to Reel Haven provides free lifetime tech support and a 3 month to 1 year warranty on all tape decks.

Shipping for Reel to Reel Players 

Reel to Reel Haven ships globally. All shipping options are available from commercial to freight. Shipping is calculated at checkout.