Sonorus Audio ATR10 mkII - New Tape Deck

Twelve years after its original introduction, the Sonorus Audio ATR10 has been updated with the latest insights in sound reproduction and technical performance and is now called the ATR10 mkII.

Although at its core it's still based on proven Studer motors and heads, all electronics and many mechanical parts have been redesigned to meet and exceed any modern day high-end and audiophile expectations. Regulated tape tension and strategically-placed rolling tape guides provide the same stable tape transport as professional studio tape machines.

Vacuum tube playback electronics utilizing the unique, newly-developed DC Coupled Stabilized Loop Gain Technology delivers a remarkable combination of dynamic bass impact, normally only associated with solid state systems, with the mid-range clarity, transparency and sense of realism of vacuum tube systems.

  • Vacuum Tube Playback
  • Head Wear Compensated Circuitry 
  • Torque-Adjusted Tape Tension Control
  • Authentic Studer Heads - While Supplies Last
  • Library Storage Winding & Motor-Assisted Braking
  • Self-Centering Nab Spindles
  • Optical Leader Tape Stop Detection

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Introducing The New ATR10 mkII Tape Deck by Sonorus Audio

Redesigned Electronics ◦ Modern Mechanics ◦ Advanced Performance

ATR10 mkII - Exterior
ATR10 mkII - Electronics
ATR10 mkII - Interior

Unique Features of the ATR10 mkII

Vacuum Tube Playback:

The ATR10 mkII masterfully marries modern circuit design with classic analog to produce a playback performance with a minimum of electronic coloration. To ensure the deck remained true to original recordings, the deck has a integrated a novel amplifier control system. Four new old stock Philips manufactured ECC88 tubes, expected to last more than 10,000 hours, work in tandem with the DC Coupled Stabilized Loop Gain Technology. This blend results in dynamic bass impact, combined with enhanced mid-range clarity and the rich transparency typical of vacuum tube systems.

Head Wear Compensated Circuity

Torque Adjusted Tape Tension Control:

While this is a feature shared by many pro-decks, few approach it by the way Arian has. Arian’s goal was to exceed the tape regulation of the Studer A810. He used that as the reference to improve upon. To avoid using mechanical tape tension arms or tension gauges along the tape path, he opted to regulate the tape tension by measuring the speed of rotation of each spool to ensure consistency of tape over the heads is the same at the beginning of the tape as it is at the end. This ensures a consistently low wow & flutter over the entire tape. This also simplifies the deck's mechanics.

Library Storage Winding & Motor-Assisted Braking:

Proper storage of prized tapes is facilitated by the library winding feature, which gently winds the tape under optimal tension. Motor-assisted braking results in very fast braking times and streamlines fast-forwarding and rewinding.

Torque Adjusted Tape Tension Control

Head Wear Compensated Circuitry:

The deck is designed to sound superior when new, but to maint its quality sound a decade down the line. Using insights from his early career, Arian Janson fashioned circuitry to perpetually gauge head wear and automatically compensate for it, ensuring consistent sound performance over time.

Decks with this design, even after 12 years, have shown to remain within 95% of their original spec—a testament to Arian's 30+ years of expertise in electronic circuitry simulations. As Arian remarks, “while simulations don't inherently enhance sound, they do bolster reliability and predictability”.

Vacuum Tube Playback

Authentic Studer Heads:

The mkII proudly features genuine, new old stock Studer heads. These are not new heads based on the Studer design, these are actual new Studer heads. Every mkII sold will include a new, original Studer head, while supplies last.

Library Storage Winding

Self-Centering Nab Spindles:

Users can bid farewell to concerns about perfectly matching hub adapters. The ATR10 mkII comes equipped with built-in ones, ensuring tape balance and centered positioning.

Optical Leader Tape Stop Detection:

The ATR10 mkII incorporates a feature that in combination with SHI tapes halts the tape at the start of the music program after rewinding—an undoubtedly handy addition.

Sonorus Holographic Imaging Tapes

Sonorus Audio offers a unique analog remastering service. Most existing stereo or multi-channel albums can be remastered to a master tape format in a fully analog process designed to unpack the sonics that are typically lost in the commercial record making process. The result is expanded soundstage and increased dynamics typically found in live performance miking. Read more about it in our blog post titled "Reimagining Reel-to-Reel Tape Remastering - Discovering Arian Jansen's Holographic Imaging Technique". Or visit the Sonorus Audio Holographic Imaging Tape Product Page here.

What Buyers Are Saying:

ATR10 mkII customer John Berg said it best...


"It's a complex playback machine with a simple design. The tape path is easy and it's really quiet mechanically. Most Important is the sound quality, its stunning. Its lush, but not overly bloomy. It's accurate, but not offensive. It's warm but not colored. It's lively, but not aggressive. It's silky, but not frail or weak. I think, in many ways, it's the best "all-around" deck I own"

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Pricing, Warranty, & Support

The price of the ATR10mkII is $32,500 plus shipping. Each ATR10 mkII carries a full one-year warranty, and a subsequent five-year limited warranty, all overseen in California, USA.


What Models Does Sonorus Audio Sell?

The ATR10-mkII.

How Much does the ATR10 mkII cost?

$32,500 plus shipping.

Where Can I Buy the ATR10 mkII?

Click on the RXReels Inquiry form for more information.

How Does the ATR10 mkII Ship?

Double walled box and shipped worldwide from California, USA.

What is the Warranty and Support for the ATR10 mkII?

Each ATR10 mkII carries a full one-year warranty, and a subsequent five-year limited warranty, all overseen in California, USA.

Where Can I Learn More about the ATR10 mkII?

Click on the RXReels Inquiry form to get any question answered.

ATR10 mkII Mechanical Specifications

Specifications apply for operation in horizontal position.

Line voltage: 120VAC @ 60Hz

Ambient temperature: 25°C


Tape speeds

15 ips (38.1 cm/s)

7.5 ips (19.05 cm/s)

Tape speed deviation:

+/- 0.2%

Tape slip:


Tape reels:

Max. diameter: 10.5” (26.5cm)

Min. hub diameter: 2.34” (60mm)

Tape width:

¼” (6.35mm)

Wow and flutter:

Weighted according DIN 45507.

15 ips:0.05%

7.5 ips: 0.07%

Winding time:

Fast Forward / Fast Rewind: Approx. 90 sec. for 2500ft (762m) tape

Slow Forward / Slow Rewind (Library Wind): Approx. 5 min. for 2500ft (762m) tape

Stopping time from spooling

Measured in the middle of a 2500ft (762m) tape on metal 10.5” (26.5cm) NAB reel.

Normal Braking: Approx. 6 sec.

Fast Braking: Approx. 2 sec.

Tape tension

Electronically regulated. Tested with 10.5” (26.5cm) reels.

Supply reel side: 0.45N +/-0.05N

Take-up reel side: 0.60N +/-0.05N


Measured with RMGI 911 tape.


RCA/XLR outputs: Output impedance: 75Ohm

Load impedance: 5kOhm min.

Headphones output: Output impedance: 180Ohm

Load impedance: Any

Output level:

RCA/XLR outputs: 0.55Vrms @ 0dBVU

Headphones output: max. 6.4Vrms


NAB and IEC (CCIR), switch selectable

Equalization time constants:

NAB (7.5ips): 50/3180 µs

NAB (15ips): 50/3180 µs

IEC (7.5ips): 70/16000 µs

IEC (15ips): 35/16000 µs

Frequency response:

15ips: 18Hz – 25kHz (+2/-3dB)

7.5ips: 14Hz – 21kHz (+2/-3dB)

Signal-to-noise ratios:

RMS, weighted according to ASA-A, referenced to +6dBVU (510nWb/m)

NAB (7.5ips): 71dB

NAB (15ips): 73dB

IEC (7.5ips): 71dB

IEC (15ips): 73dB


THD measured at 1kHz

15ips, 0dBVU:0.15%

15ips, +6dBVU: 0.5%

15ips, +13dBVU: 3%

Power consumption:

Stop: 55W


Spooling: 130W

Library Wind: 160W

Operating temperatures:

50°F – 104°F (10°C – 40°C)

Relative humidity:

20% - 90%, non condensing


Nett: 20kg (44 lbs)

Shipping weight: 30kg (66 lbs)


H x W x D = 410mm x 450mm x 250mm (16.140” x 17.710” x 9.840”)

(The total depth is measured from the rear feet to the front of the NAB spindles. From the rear feet to the front panel the depth is 190mm (7.480”))

Shipping dimensions: H x W x D = 46cm x 61cm x 61cm (18” x 24” x 24”)


Contact Sonorus Audio using the form below to get in touch about purchasing a deck or with pre-sale questions. Be sure to ask for the "RX Bundle" to get your free carbon fiber RX tape up reel.