RX Reels

"B" STOCK - 10.5" Reel Library Storage Box

Note - these are "B" - Stock.  The current batch offered has very minor scuffing on it - far less than the pictures posted.

Each is different but they may have scuff(s) or light scratch(es) to outside cover, which happened during shipping from the factory. Otherwise these boxes are absolutely fine and fully functional. Photos are representative of B stock. These represent a killer value!

These boxes blow away the cheap cardboard boxes available for about the same price - even if they have a scuff or two!

Our high quality custom made storage box is the perfect place to store your RX Reel and any other 10.5" x 1/4" reel.

Sturdy construction with laser-cut foam cut out on interior to cradle your RX Reel.

Back cover includes space to capture the title, artist, producer, engineer, speed, tape level, location, studio, date and track notes. 

Each box securely holds one 10.5" reel.

Size: 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 1" 


All products within the United States are shipped via Fedex. Due to current service delays, we do not offer shipping via the United States Postal Service. 

You will have the ability to select the speed of shipping service at the time of checkout using our discounted rates via Fedex. 

At this time, all international orders will have shipping quoted separately. If you would like to have your RX Reel shipped outside of the US, please contact us at info@rxreels.com for a shipping quote and provide your address.