April 11, 2023 3 min read

Hi-Fi Choice Recommends our new 7-inch reel in 5-star review

We're thrilled that Hi-Fi Choice magazine is head over heels with our new 7-inch reel. 

For almost 50 years, Hi-Fi Choice has sought out the latest and greatest audio products on the market. The magazine features in-depth reviews from some of the UK's leading audio journalists.

Read the full review of our 7-inch High Fiber Tape Reel below.

7in Carbon Fibre Tape Reel

Posted in the  issue 

"RX Reels has always been a manufacturer of very high-quality professional 10.5in NAB spools and has now started to make a 7in version with the standard trident centre aimed at the domestic market.

The spool flanges are made from upcycled aviation-grade carbon fibre combining high strength and durability with light weight. Also, the reels will neither warp nor bend, unlike conventional aluminium or plastic options. Normally, the cost of aviation-grade carbon fibre is very expensive, but the company's location in the US' Pacific Northwest gives it access to offcuts that have been discarded by local military and aviation manufacturing industries.

RX Reels 7-inch carbon fiber reel

To complement the carbon fibre flanges there are hubs precision-made from solid aluminium. Each flange is individually joined to the hub with three screws, as opposed to conventional metal spools that use screws that pass through the hub to secure the flange on both sides. The RX Reels' flanges are separately fixed with screws on each side so six screws are used per spool to give a very secure fit. The hub also features a nano-machined surface, which is designed to grip the end of the tape, making it far less prone to slipping and aiding the threading of the tape.

The reel deal

In use, the precision-made spool shows no signs of rattling or scraping the edges of the tape. A spool that is even slightly out of balance can negatively affect the tension on the tape as it is playing, and this can result in tiny amounts of wow and flutter, which can have an adverse effect on the overall sound. The RDX Reels spool ensures a consistent tension and this is evident with all the tapes that I play on my machine during testing.

Bearing in mind that you will be using it with every tape you play, I consider that the high price tag is fully justified. Not only do these reels look great, they additionally help to bring out the best performance from your tape deck."

Rating: 5 stars, Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

The original article appeared in HiFi Choice magazine. You can subscribe digitally here.

RX Reels prides ourselves on manufacturing the world's best carbon fiber reels. Learn more about us and see RX Reels Carbon Fiber 10.5" and 7" reels here.

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Kevin Root
Kevin Root

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