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Score a Free RX Carbon Fiber Reel 

For Reviewing Our Product

We know audiophiles are skeptical about new products and would rather hear from their peers about them. We want to put our carbon fiber reels in the hands of reel-to-reel enthusiasts who are willing to evaluate our product, then publicly post their findings on social media and/or on audio enthusiasts websites. That's where you come in.

An RX Reel will be provided for evaluation at no cost to 4 reviewers who are selected. Reviewers will publish their findings and photos on sites that they choose. In return, they keep the reel and storage box. It's that simple. 

Reviewer applicants will be asked questions like the following:
  1. What reel to reel model(s) do you own?
  2. Which reel to reel enthusiast sites are you active on or will post to?
  3. What is your username on those sites?
  4. Are you willing to post an objective product review and photo within 7 days of receiving the evaluation reel? 
  5. Would you be willing to post your evaluation on another site? If so which one?
That's it. If you are interested click here to apply.